cropped-triskelion-copy.jpgEvery human life holds a potential

If that potential is not fulfilled

That life was wasted

Carl Gustav Jung

There is a meaning and purpose to every human life. That has been known throughout the ages by  peoples from around the world. But, like many of our ancient beliefs and traditions, this vital piece of information has somehow become misplaced or lost in our modern, fast paced, digital world.

This blog will attempt to help bring this misplaced gem back into the consciousness of those looking for meaning, purpose and passion in an age where lack of purpose, apathy, hopelessness, mediocrity, corruption and greed threaten the very existence of our planet.

Each and every one of us is ‘called’ to a higher purpose, and there is a way each of us can discover exactly what that purpose is. In doing so we will move out of what the poet Elliot called the’Wastelands’ and begin to live the life we were meant to live and achieve the dreams that so often lie dormant within us. This is a journey, a journey to meaning.

Author: Books by Brian O'Raleigh

Brian O’Raleigh's family hailed from Inis Mór and he's had a lifelong love of the island. He is a published author and poet. His first book 'The Boy in the Boat received critical acclaim and his new work 'The Storyteller of Inis Mór' has been praised by the Irish Press in Australia. ""O’Raleigh’s book - ‘Seanchaí - The Storyteller of Inis Mor’ - reminds me of the great Irish writers such as Sean O’Faolain and Benedict Kiely.” Frank O’Shea. Literary critic. Australian Irish Echo.

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